The Brief

The generic Primary Stand is a tool used by Kellogg’s in grocery channels. Historically these displays have been “temporary” in nature and use materials and finishes commonly seen with such displays.

Although perceived as eco-friendly, these such displays include elements that are plastic-based.

As Kellogg’s is committed removing unnecessary waste across the business, their brief to ID POP was to redesign the Primary Stand in a way that eliminated all use of plastics, with the aim of making the displays 100% biodegradable.


Sustainability, Temporary Display, Artwork Creation

Our Solution

ID POP was able to redesign to produce improved displays that although looked and functioned in the same way as their predecessors, had successfully removed all unnecessary plastic from the structure.

Traditional plastic shelf clips and surface laminates were replaced with newly designed paper-based alternatives, along with water-based printing processes and eco-friendly finishes, thus creating a 100% biodegradable Primary Stand.


Upon calculating how many Primary Stands are produced on average yearly, it was realised that by making these modifications, a staggering amount of plastic avoided becoming landfill.

“The move is a part of Kellogg’s commitment to removing unnecessary packaging and plastics as it works towards its goal of 100 per cent recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging by 2025. It is the first trial of its kind from the company and will save around 300kg of plastic per year”.

The success of this launch has resulted in numerous PR announcements throughout the industry, as well further reorders to fulfill the retailer demands. Furthermore, the Kellogg Australia team has been the frontrunner within their global business, attracting the attention of numerous other Kellogg’s overseas markets.

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