The Brief

Review how past Mentos permanent displays were placed, and what challenges the distributor faced in finding them locations.

It was decided early on that a more versatile and adaptable design would be required.

To accommodate the variable stock volumes and unique store needs, the display needed to extend or collapse to specific dimensions. Hence 3 lockable settings were built into the display.

Simplicity and easy adjustment between sizes was also a requirement.


Permanent Display, Artwork Creation, Global Activation

Our Solution

After exploring numerous designs and production methods, it was determined that for durability and strength, mild steel would be best suited. Ease of adjustment was achieved featuring sliding shelves and the use of a small amount of thumb screws that could be utilised without additional tools.

The display itself was preassembled and packaged in its collapsed state.

To maintain a polished appearance, an innovative snapping data strip was designed, allowing store staff to have POS sleeves at the required size. The brand’s classic blue was applied as a powder-coat to the steel display body, with an easy-change foam core header.


Across all Mentos SKUs that would be displayed in the Universal Display, there was an 11% growth in independent stores, and 50.3% growth in impulse stores. Across the two accounts, an average result of 27.4% growth.

Figures aside, the original objective of growing visibility across these channels was met. Its fresh design and modular capabilities allowed for placement at front of stores, and overall brands awareness was gained as a result.

In March of 2022 Mentos Universal Countertop Display was awarded a Shop! ANZ Silver Retail Marketing Award for their Petrol, Convenience and Route Display Category.

Samples have since been sent to numerous international PVM distributors and trials are being conducted for evaluation of future production.