Kellanova, formerly Kellogg Australia, is committed to its Better Days Promise, striving to advance sustainable and equitable food access. With a goal of creating Better Days for 4 billion people by 2030, the company is dedicated to minimising waste throughout the food production process. This commitment extends to achieving packaging and displays that are 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable, ensuring a holistic approach to environmental sustainability.


ID POP and Kellanova collaborated at the Shop! Sustainability Conference to delve into Kellanova’s Better Days Promise and its impact on the POP industry. Since 2016, ID POP has been providing retail displays for Kellanova, highlighting its sustainability initiatives and endeavours to minimise unnecessary plastics in all their POP displays. Patricia Kresojevic, Customer Marketing Manager at Kellanova, and Roxana Randau, Client Service Director, and Industrial Designer at ID POP, shared their experiences and strategies for overcoming diverse challenges during the conference presentation.



ID POP remains committed to pursuing increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, reflecting our sincere dedication to reducing our environmental footprint. We are focused on integrating eco-conscious designs that not only drive positive transformations in the retail marketing sector but also align closely with the goals set by our clients and the retailers they partner with.