The Brief

Lenovo Smart Frame was a newly released product on the market for a relatively niche category.

ID POP was tasked to develop a display solution to help build product awareness and educate the consumer across JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Good Guys stores in Australia and New Zealand.

The display was required to adapt to various store formats and function either as a standalone countertop display, or hang off store locations such as existing fixturing or slat wall.


Made in Australia, Permanent Display, Artwork Creation, Direct to Store

Our Solution

Maximising the limited space and highlighting the full range of features of the product were key in this design. As were taking the clean and simple design cues from Smart Frame itself, translating them into a sleek aesthetic.

Smart Frame is a rather new product, hence educating the customer on how it functions in both portrait and landscape was seen as important. Furthermore, any opportunity for added education on features were incorporated in the form of additional POS elements included to scale up where possible.

With constraints around movement due to COVID, and a limited timeline, we worked with local manufacturers engineering to suit.


Sales data was measured by Lenovo over a 4-week period from when Lenovo Smart Frame was solely sold online, versus after the displays were rolled out in stores.

Sales were up 312% during the measured period resulting in significant increase in sales which took everyone by surprise. This demonstrated a demand for Lenovo to order additional Lenovo Smart Frames to meet the stores demands.

In March of 2022 Lenovo’s Innovation Zone Display was awarded a Shop! ANZ Bronze Marketing Award for their Consumer Electronics – Permanent Display Category.